About Garam Foods

India is all about beautiful colours and colourful spices, which is unique for each culture. Around the world, the word India brings them a synonym as spices / exotics things. People around Europe are craving to know more about India, Indian tradition and its exotic world of spices.

As Indians, being in a foreign country, we are struck in a work <=> travel / food <=> cycle. To do one of three better, we were compromising on another and as many other our obvious choice was to compromise in time spent for home food preparation. On the verge to save work and sleep time, we started moving towards unhealthy food habits.

We wanted to bridge these gaps and want to reconnect Indians with the true and authentic flavour of India and also with which we can serve Europe and Europeans the rich values and ventures of Indian food and culture. We wanted us to be known as hot and exotics Varity of authentic Indian food brand, which converges to the name GARAM.

There is a famous saying in our place “Unnavae marunthu”, meaning if you eat right things in right proportions then you will never be in need of medicine and the food you eat is the medicine. Said that, all our products are 100 % natural with no added preservatives and done just in the way you would do it in your home and complying with the European hygiene regulations.

We deliver the nature’s best to you by staying away from preservatives, artificial flavours, additives and sticking to our traditional production process and sensible packaging.

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