Idly & Dosa Batter


Garam products are manufactured in completely automated factories in Remchingen, Germany. Untouched by hands, Garam products is made using a ‘Cleanroom Concept’ which are laid by European standards. We clean our rice multiple times and soak it enough so our girding process is so well managed that you get the perfect quality every time, as if our mothers have prepared it themselves.

All our products have the natural home cooked aroma and delightful flavor which is because of our finest ingredients and perfect tradition methodology combined with finest technology. We only choose the best for you. Our production unit is designed with best-in-class machinery to deliver the perfect meal to your plate.

What is Idly dosa ?

A dish of the Indian subcontinent with so much popularity and omnipresence. The dishes are roughly 1,000 years old and have the stamp of originality that is typical Indian.  You can get it in any nook and cranny of India, though the taste may differ according to the province’s culinary influences. It is one of the most favourite breakfast/dinner for any south Indian.

The batter is made with the best quality rice,urad dal and methi seeds which is soaked, grinded and naturally fermented at right degree.

Usage Instructions

Wash the pack and Cut open the pack.

The batter is mildly salted. If needed, add the required amount of salt and stir the batter well before use.

For Idly, just scoop the batter into idly plates and steam it for 10-12 minutes. Overcooking will make it hard.

For dosa, add some water to the batter. After the addition of water it cannot be used to make idlies.

Heat a pan and using a ladle spread it in evenly to make dosa.

For longer use, always close the seal of the pack once used and refrigerate. Stays good in the refrigerator for more than a week, when stored at 5°C.


Idly is soft, steamed savory cake. They are steamed in “Idly Plates”. Since it is cooked 100 % without oil or direct contact with heated surface, it is healthy, light and easy digestible. Not just for grown ups but also an usual first preferred meal for babies over 6 months.


Dosa is made in a hot pan similar to that of French crepe. Dosa is crispy, golden brown in colour and tastes delicious. This is served in different shapes and sizes.


Uttapam can we termed as spicy and crispy pan cake “A thicker dosa” which is topped with different types of veggies like onion, tomato, capsicum, carrot, green chilli, sweet corn etc. which makes it even more healthier and tastier. For better taste prepare it with the batter older than 4 days.


Paniyaram are ball shaped dumplings, which is crispy outside and soft inside. This can be made both sweet or spicy. For better taste prepare it with the batter older than 4 days.


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